Basrel PFN

Basrel Project Funding Network (PFN) is the new hub where investments converge. PFN was brought to life to enhance the financing of the multiple projects that cross our paths.

The 5 main areas are the following:

1:) Corporate - Our portfolio consists of tons of both exciting Start-Ups and SME-s needing financing and mature companies eagerly awaiting income manufacture for their new proprietors..

2.) Commerce - Investing in commerce is one of the fastest means of obtaining a quick turnaround. We seek capital to initiate the flow of the trade of goods between various buyers and sellers worldwide..

3.) Money Market - Our portfolio contains more and more of those "one-in-a-lifetime" opportunities of placing capital in such low risk, high yield investments usually hidden to the public that you have been looking for for years...

4.) Real estate - Mainly functioning commercial edifices waiting to change hands and produce income for the new owners

5.) Events - this consists of fantastic social, sports, recreational and other events waiting for sponsors

If you have been seeking where to place a part of your capital, while enjoying the fact that both the ROI and Capital are guaranteed, then you have come to the right place.

For more information, our professionals are at your disposal.
Please contact us at:

Tel: +36 (20) 334 2253